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Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Honey, Mom and Dad are geting a Divorce"

It all started a few months ago, the talented John Galliano went off on a table next to him at a cafe in Paris. We don't know the whole story but he was caught on tape makeing racial remarks both against the jewish and ASIANS (WHICH I HAVEN'T HEARD PEOPLE TALK ABOUT) He was soon fired from DIOR and his own lable ass well.
Now this was a shocker, I ruined my friends day when I told her. (it is her favorite) "After nearly a decade with the fashion house, designer Hannah McGibbon is leaving to pursue new projects."
"Robinson joined Gap in 2007 promising to make its clothing more relevant to consumers. If by relevant he meant making apparel people want to buy, he failed. Same-store sales (considered the best indicator of a retailer’s performance) at Gap North America (GNA) have been negative every year since 2005." Bizmology

Why you too! This one is the saddest to me, I have loved Givenchy since my mother told me how she use to work there when she lived in Paris. Riccardo Tisci has modernised the House and he's one of the best in my book. It is relevant and still intersting, unlike other Houses who just seem to coast along. He is always changing and growing. But if rummors are true he will replace Galliano and find a new home at DIOR. Don't you just wish things didn't have to change?


  1. I too wish Tisci wasn't leaving. He is truely innovative.

    Patrick Robinson actually does have some designs (that never unfortunately go into production) that I love. I do wonder if Gap is a good fit for him. I tend to think he has more to offer with a higher end company.

  2. I think Patrick Robinson will be better of somewhere else, but I'm just really bummed about Tisci :(