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Monday, September 12, 2011

Monster Ball '11

Seeing Lady Gaga performing live in Miami was such a thrilling experience, she is so much better live, and more talented that what I thought she was.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


pics: Lookbook

I finally learned how to make collages with Photoshop! I'm pretty proud since I'm REALLY bad with computers or anything electronic, but at least I'm getting better

Last Night In Mexico


This are some pictures from a fun night out in Mexico City. I think going to night clubs is one of the things I miss most from living in a BIG city. Naples is not a city in my eyes; it's a
suburgatorysuburb plain and simple.

You Nasty

                                                                 pics: nastygal

Oh how I love online shopping, and NastyGal is one of my go tos. (ps if you hadn't noticed the first white dress is my favorite)

Museo Soumaya

pics: Ines (younger sister) apostrafreak

There are a ton of pictures my younger sister Ines took with her iphone, but the Soumaya Museum  in Mexico City was grand and full of wonderful art.
I thought it was modern and beautiful, and it was packed with works from Dali to Rodin. But my tip is to go all the way to the top floor in the elevator first and make your way down. ( its circular shaped and it's much easier going down)

Mexico Lindo

My sweet Mexico how I miss you! These are some more pictures of summer'11, next summer I'll be 18! yes drinking age... oh yeah except the USA Booo
Anyway the first pic is when Mexico won the sub 17 World-Cup :) and the rest are when we went to the Trajineras. It turned out to be one of the most random days I've ever had. We met some tourist from Germany and a girl from N. Mexico, Hermosillo.

Oh Summer'11 Gone Too Soon

I can't believe I've already survived a month of school, summer and time in general is just flying by. These pictures are from my cousins graduation at the beginning of the summer. I had a great long midnight blue velvet dress picked-out but I foolishly followed his advise (he said it was a casual event) and the day before I left for Mexico I found this cute DAY lace dress. I love the dress but after a 4 HOUR graduation/mass (catholic boy school ) you should have seen my shock when we (the whole family) arrived at the dinner/dance and my sister, his girlfriend, friend and I wear the only girls in short dresses! Mine was the most... non sexy, oh the horror. But after my sister Ximena explained in terms I would understand "Ana you're not Versace you're Miumiu, think Audrey Hepburn Roman Holliday." I felt better and just had a great time. Besides when we got to the after-party ( around 5) I got a kick from seeing all the girls long gowns basically sweeping the dirt off the garden we were at (imagine the grass stains!)