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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oh Summer'11 Gone Too Soon

I can't believe I've already survived a month of school, summer and time in general is just flying by. These pictures are from my cousins graduation at the beginning of the summer. I had a great long midnight blue velvet dress picked-out but I foolishly followed his advise (he said it was a casual event) and the day before I left for Mexico I found this cute DAY lace dress. I love the dress but after a 4 HOUR graduation/mass (catholic boy school ) you should have seen my shock when we (the whole family) arrived at the dinner/dance and my sister, his girlfriend, friend and I wear the only girls in short dresses! Mine was the most... non sexy, oh the horror. But after my sister Ximena explained in terms I would understand "Ana you're not Versace you're Miumiu, think Audrey Hepburn Roman Holliday." I felt better and just had a great time. Besides when we got to the after-party ( around 5) I got a kick from seeing all the girls long gowns basically sweeping the dirt off the garden we were at (imagine the grass stains!)

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