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Friday, December 9, 2011

Very Early Saturday Morning

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Insomnia is something I have little experience with, I'm a very deep sleeper but foolishly thought I could take two expressos right before bed... So I'm on the computer sitting criss-cross-apple-sauce and my entire leg keeps falling asleep and painfully waking up. But at least there are online stores for me to entertain myself and beautiful editorial to enjoy. GossipGirl is one of those guilty pleasures, I've been watching the episodes faithfully every Monday since the series first aired.  During my 7th grade everyone was reading the book series; ( Twilight too)  I was honestly too lazy to read any book I didn't have too, but always claimed I didn't (read them) because they were too childish. Well almost 10yrs. after GG first came out I'm eating my words and reading them!

ps: Im done with the first two! haha

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