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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dream World

I have always been a lover of film and television but you know in those interviews when they ask an actor or director questions like What is the first film that impacted you? I don't know why, but since I can remember I have ,in a day dreaming way, interviewed myself and I can never remember what movie was the first to really impact me. It is a bit frustrating because I really do love films, it is a huge passion in my life so coming up black with such a simple question is unnerving.

But I have taken time to ponder why this is. A bit self-absorbed I know, and I came up with this simplified answer; which is that I was the airiest kid possible! No kidding, I practically lived in my own head. But still I loved to 'make things' out of my ideas
      I was going to say 'create', but it sounds too pretentious for a 5 year old.
So at that age I wrote my first story called Lana, about a dog of course, and even made my sister and nanny act it out.  Movies and television were my refuge in a way, I loved how there everything that was possible in my dreams was not odd but the norm. In cartoons I found friendships that I treasured, now that may sound weird but for a girl with a plethora of invisible friends it seemed more normal  too be able to see them.

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