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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Three ( not because they're trendy) Trend Obsessions : Goth


Lately I've been experimenting with goth inspired makeup, and this has awakened a further interest and admiration for the gothic look. I've never been one to label the way I dress but I can tell you it has never been described as gothic. I now wish to change that ,now and then, by trying on this new style hat.

An other element to this blossoming obsession is the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy. I loved the books, the original films and I'm (not so) patiently waiting for the second film of the American trilogy. Lisbeth Salander's character is excellent, a modern day super hero and my new idol. She shows us how despite everything one can choose to overcome the most impossible of challenges or attacks and come out swinging like a badass in every sense of the word.

Perhaps the final reason why ( you see I love to psychoanalyze myself ) I am being drawn to the dark side, is the over saturation of  pre chewed pre packaged commercial products ,no I don't consider them 'artists', into the media and hence our lives. Don't get my wrong I will get up and dance like a nobodies business if Barbie Girl comes on, but all these manufactured acts are less of a sugar rush and more cringe inducing. I have dealt with these one way frustrations by tuning in to some old favorites from Epica to The Cure, Zola Jesus and more. This music oozes with emotion while some of the top 40's catchy as hell lyrics act more like parasites.

 images by: fashiongonerogue , Google images,Chloe Comme Parris


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